Canada confirms its 11th case of BSE (12/18/2007)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a 13-year-old beef cow from Alberta. The animal's carcass is under CFIA control, and no part of it entered the human food or animal feed systems.

OIE classifies the United States as a controlled risk country for BSE (5/22/2007)

"I'm pleased to report that the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has formally classified the United States as a controlled risk country for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). This classification confirms what we have always contended – that U.S. regulatory controls are effective and that U.S fresh beef and beef products from cattle of all ages can be safely traded due to our interlocking safeguards."

Japan tests fail to show BSE infection from young cattle (5/9/2007)

Brain matter carrying "mad cow disease" from the two youngest cattle confirmed with BSE in Japan has so far failed to infect mice in tests, a Health Ministry official said on Wednesday. The test results could influence Japan's trade talks with the United States, as Tokyo has restricted American beef imports to cattle aged 20 months or younger on grounds that the youngest case of the disease was found in a 21-month-old animal.

Canada confirms its 10th case of BSE (5/2/2007)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a mature dairy cow from British Columbia. The animal's carcass is under CFIA control, and no part of it entered the human food or animal feed systems.

Canada confirms its ninth case of BSE (2/7/2007)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a mature bull from Alberta. The animal's carcass is under CFIA control, and no part of it entered the human food or animal feed systems.


Japan's farm ministry confirms country's 30th case of mad cow disease (11/13/2006)

29th case of mad cow disease confirmed in Japan (9/27/2006)

Case of mad cow disease found in France (9/18/2006)

BSE Confirmed in Alberta (8/23/2006)

Mad cow disease no longer a priority (8/16/2006)

Harvard BSE Risk Assessment Update Released (7/27/2006)

USDA Announces New BSE Surveillance Program (7/20/2006)

Alberta Cow Tests Positive for BSE (7/13/2006)

USDA Statement Regarding Canada's Seventh Case of BSE (7/13/2006)

Potential BSE Case in Alberta (7/10/2006)

BSE Confirmed in Manitoba Cow (7/4/2006)

Canada Strengthens Feed Controls (6/26/2006)

FDA Statement on Canadian Rule to Control BSE Risk (6/26/2006)

"Latest U.S. Mad-Cow Cases are 'Atypical' Form" (6/12/2006)

World Animal Health Body Changes Mad Cow Risk Definitions (5/31/2006)

Japanese authorities confirm country's 26th mad cow case (5/14/2006)

USDA Statement Regarding Conclusion of the Alabama BSE case Investigation (5/2/2006)

Alabama BSE Investigation Final Epidemiological Report (5/2/2006)

USDA Releases BSE Prevalence Estimate for United States (4/28/2006)

Canadian BSE Case Investigation Update (4/28/2006)

USDA Statement About the Investigation of 15 U.S. Animals Connected with Canadian BSE Case (4/28/2006)

Statement by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns Regarding Canada's Fifth Case of BSE (4/16/2006)

Final Testing Confirms BSE Case in British Columbia (4/16/2006)

Mad cow disease on the wane worldwide; rapid rate of decline encouraging (3/23/2006)

USDA/Alabama BSE Epidemiological Update (3/16/2006)

Second USDA Confirmatory Test Results Positive for BSE (3/15/2006)

Statement by USDA Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford Regarding Positive BSE Test Results (3/13/2006)

Statement by Chief Veterinary Medical Officer John Clifford Regarding Inconclusive BSE Test Results (3/11/2006)

CFIA Completes BSE Investigation (3/3/2006)

Statement by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns Regarding BSE Finding in Canada (1/23/2006) 

Daily updates on USDA's investigation into the second domestic case of BSE



FDA Proposes Additional "Mad Cow" Safeguards (10/7/2005)

Joint Statement from USDA and FDA, Investigation Results for Texas Cow that Tested Positive for BSE (8/30/2005)

USDA and FDA Officials Provide Information on BSE Investigation Transcript (8/30/2005)

USDA Statement: Confirmatory test negative for BSE (8/3/2005)

USDA Statement Regarding a Non-definitive BSE Test Result (7/27/2005)

USDA Updates on Current Epidemiological Investigation

Statement by USDA Chief Veterinarian John Clifford Regarding the Epidemiological Investigation Into the Recently Confirmed BSE Case (6/29/2005)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) EPI Report APHIS Fact Sheet (6/29/2005)

USDA announces positive BSE test (6/24/2005)

BSE sample sent to England for further testing (6/16/2005)

USDA announces further analysis of BSE inconclusive test results (6/10/2005)

Further analysis of BSE inconclusive test results (6/10/2005)

Transcripts and statements from USDA's BSE Roundtable discussion (6/9/2005)

USDA announces BSE roundtable discussion (3/17/2005)

USDA releases epidemiological summary on Canadian BSE cases (4/28/2005)

Taiwan reopens market for U.S. beef products (4/7/2005)

Canada, Mexico And United States Release Harmonized North American BSE Strategy (4/1/2005)

Joint Statement by Minister Andy Mitchell, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and Secretary Mike Johanns, United States Department of Agriculture (3/31/2005)

Johanns announces expansion of BSE research program and initiative (3/18/2005)

Statement By Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns Regarding The Temporary Injunction, USDA's Minimal-Risk Rule (3/2/2005)

USDA releases technical assessment of Canadian feed ban implementation (2/25/2005)

USDA response to R-CALF (2/2/2005)

Statement by Dr. Ron DeHaven on January 11 Canadian BSE case (1/11/2005)

Statement by Dr. Ron DeHaven on January 2 Canadian BSE case (1/7/2005)

USDA publishes 2004 BSE test total (1/4/2005)


Statement By U.S. Department of Agriculture Press Secretary Alisa Harrison (11/22/2004)

Transcript of Tele-News Conference Regarding BSE Issues (11/18/2004)

Statement by Andrea Morgan on Inconclusive BSE Test Result (11/18/2004)

Inconclusive Test Result Announced (11/18/2004)

Transcript of USDA Tele-News Conference (11/9/2004)

Statement By Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman Regarding Resumption of Beef Trade with Japan (10/25/2004)

Officials Conclude Agreement for Resumption of Beef Trade (10/25/2004)

Questions and Answers Concerning U.S.-Japan Beef Trade Agreement - October 25, 2004

J.B. Penn Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Press Briefing (10/25/2004)

FDA Industry Guidance Regarding Use of Material from BSE-positive Cattle in Animal Feed (10/12/2004)

APHIS and FSIS Respond to Office of Inspector General BSE Report (8/30/2004)

Statement by APHIS chief veterinarian John Clifford on protocol for BSE rapid testing (8/5/2004)

Transcript of technical briefing regarding draft OIG report on BSE surveillance with APHIS Administrator Ron DeHaven and FSIS Administrator Barbara Masters (7/14/2004)

USDA And HHS Strengthen Safeguards Against Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (7/9/2004)

June 29 inconclusive sample confirmed negative for BSE (7/2/2004)

June 25 Inconclusive BSE Test Sample Tests Negative for BSE (6/30/2004)

USDA Announces Second Inconclusive BSE Test Result (6/29/2004)

BSE Surveillance: Communication to Producers from APHIS (6/29/2004)

USDA Statement By Deputy Administrator Dr. John Clifford For The Animal Plant Health Inspection Service  (6/25/2004)

USDA Transcript of Technical Briefing with Dr. John Clifford, DVM, Deputy Administrator for APHIS Veterinary Services  (6/25/2004)

Toll-Free Number to Expand BSE Surveillance Effort  (6/23/2004)

BSE Test Results (6/7/2004)

APHIS Fact Sheet on Enhanced Surveillance for BSE  (6/7/2004)

APHIS Q&A on Enhanced Surveillance for BSE  (6/7/2004)

FSIS Notice on Sample Collection from Condemned Cattle  (5/28/2004)

Designated Laboratories for BSE Sample Submission  (5/28/2004)

Transcript of Technical Briefing with Bill Hawks, Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Services, Dr.Elsa Murano, Under Secretary for Food Safety, Dr. Ron DeHaven, Administration, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Dr. Barbara Masters, Acting Administrator, Food Safety Inspection Service  (5/24/2004)

Meeting of US/Japan BSE Technical Working Group an Important First Step  (5/19/2004)

United States and Japan To Hold First BSE Technical Working Group Meeting  (5/13/2004)

USDA Certifies Five New Laboratories For BSE Sample Analysis  (5/12/2004)

Update on Texas Incident  (5/7/2004)

Policy Statement Regarding BSE Sampling of Condemned Cattle at Slaughter Plants  (5/7/2004)

Statement on Texas Cow With Central Nervous System Symptoms  (5/4/2004)

Iowa Quality Beef Statement on the Importance of Science-Based BSE Testing  (4/19/2004)

Brawley Beef Statement Regarding Private Testing for BSE and Trade with Japan  (4/19/2004)

Ranchers Renaissance Statement on Trade Negotiations and Private Testing Issues  (4/19/2004)

U.S. Premium Beef Statement on Beef Trade Negotiations/Private BSE Testing  (4/19/2004)

Harris Ranch Beef Company Statement Regarding Science Doesn’t Justify 100 Percent Testing of U.S. Cattle  (4/19/2004)

Mexico Expands Market Access to U.S. Beef Exports  (4/9/2004)

BSE Testing in Other Countries  (4/5/2004)

USDA Certifies Seven Laboratories for BSE Sample Analysis  (3/30/2004)

Examples of Geographic Distributions of Sample Collections for the BSE Surveillance Plan  (3/22/2004)

USDA News Release Regarding Veneman Announcement of Expanded BSE Surveillance Program  (3/15/2004)

USDA's Expanded BSE Surveillance Plan  (3/15/2004)

Harvard Center for Risk Analysis: Comments on USDA Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Surveillance Plan  (3/12/2004)

Mexican Market Re-Opened for U.S. Beef Products  (3/9/2004)

USDA Q&A on Rapid Tests  (2/26/2004)

Q&A on New Form of Mad Cow Prion Found  (2/16/2004)

Report on Measures Relating to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in the U.S. (2/4/2004)

USDA Update  (1/22/2004)

The OIE standards on BSE: a guide for understanding and proper implementation  (1/12/2004)


Cattle Fax Says U.S. Beef Demand Remains Strong  (2/30/2003)

American Culinary Federation Urges Chefs to Act Responsibly Following "Mad Cow" Incident  (2/26/2003)

Canadian Minister Speller Makes Announcement Regarding Imports of U.S. Beef  (2/24/2003)

Washington Firm Recalls Beef Products Following Presumptive BSE Determination  (2/24/2003)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Accelerates Expanded Daily Price Limit Schedule in Cattle Contracts  (2/24/2003)

FDA Press Statement regarding BSE-Presumptive Cow in Washington State  (2/24/2003)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Statement Regarding USDA Announcement of BSE  (12/23/2003)

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